Detalle de proyecto
Área del UNDAF : Seguridad alimentaria y nutricional
Título del proyecto : Livestock Cooperatives Development Project in the Central Eastern Region (PRODEGAN)
Año (Inicio - Fin) : 2016 - 2024
Descripción :

The development objective of the project is to promote the sustainable growth of the livestock sector by increasing the production and sale of milk and meat, raising the incomes of beneficiary families in cooperatives. PRODEGAN has three inter-linked technical components and one component for project management. The main focus of component 1 is on strengthening milk and meat producing cooperatives. Through component 2, service providers in the project area will be strengthened in order to free up land, increase water availability, improve artificial insemination and veterinary services, and build cooperatives’ capacity. Finally, in order to ensure sufficient capacity to collect and process the increased milk and meat produced, agro-industry in the project area will be supported through component 3.

Beneficiarios : PRODEGAN will directly benefit 11,500 rural families organized in 105 cooperatives, for a total of 34,500 direct beneficiaries. These direct beneficiaries will include: (i) members of cooperatives producing meat, milk and dairy products such as cheese; (ii) wage-earning rural workers employed by the cooperatives; and (iii) technicians employed by the service providers of livestock cooperatives. The cooperatives average between 60 and 140 members; women represent 13 per cent of cooperative membership and young people 11 per cent. PRODEGAN will focus on reaching women (at least 20 per cent) and youth (at least 15 per cent), and will support their inclusion in cooperatives’ decision-making and productive activities.
Provincias : Camagüey
Municipios : Guáimaro, Jimaguayú, Sibanicú
Contrapartes :
Fuentes de financiamiento :
Fuente de Financiamiento Actor de cooperación Monto aportado (USD)
FIDA préstamo FIDA $ 11,900,000.00
Francia (Agencia Francesa de Desarrollo) FIDA $ 25,000,000.00
República de Cuba FIDA $ 10,000,000.00
Total (USD): $ 46,900,000.00
Monto Financiero : $ 46,900,000.00
Actores de cooperación que participan : FIDA
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Palabras Claves : Actividades lácteas, Cadenas de valor, Desarrollo comunitario, Formación, Juventud, Mujeres, Organizaciones de agricultores/productores